For your walls. For their memory boxes. For the day they celebrate your life. I want my photos to be the ones that you come back and look at when you need to be reminded of the things you are grateful for. I want my photos to be the ones that are the most true; the ones that look the most like you. No cheese, no posing. No tricks, no trends. Just meaningful, emotive, honest and timeless images.

When I photograph people, I'm always trying to find something that makes them who they are; not just taking a photo for the sake of it. I would love for people to look back at the photos I have taken in twenty years and say things like "he always did have that look on his face". 

If you ask me to photograph your kids don't be surprised if I spend almost the entire time on the floor with them. I want to know their favourite colour, what they're reading, how they spent their first tooth fairy money. I want to see their inventions and listen to their stories so that I can honestly tell theirs. 

I would be honoured if you trusted me to do that. 

*If someone in your family is turning 100, invite me to their party and the photos are a gift