I VOW...

I vow to listen to you properly, to remember the things that are important to you both to make sure I capture you, as you are, whatever your story might be.

I pledge to bring my A-game. 

I promise to work from my heart and soul. For me, that means being kind, respectful and sensitive to everything that is happening around me. 

I will never make you do anything you don't want to do. 

I vow there will be no cheesy shit. Unless you love cheesy shit; then, we go in hard. 

I promise to be nice to your family and friends.

I promise there will be a lot of the day you won't notice I'm there. In a good way.

I promise I will find the best available light and nudge you in the direction of it at the right moment. I promise that moment won't be when you're having a heart-to-heart of epic proportions with your Best Man. 

I solemnly swear I will have a backup camera and a pocket full of memory cards and I won't go to sleep until your photos are saved in more than one place. 

Anna, they are incredible. Me and Robby have just sat and looked through them all and we are beaming!!! You are such a star! Can’t thank you enough.
— Sammi


Allow me a moment to be brutally honest with you. I am more interested in your favourite people and how you love them than the shoes, or the cake you choose. I take photos with your grandchildren in mind, not wedding blogs. Yes, I appreciate beautiful things and I do love a shit-hot pair of shoes but my strengths as a photographer lie in empathy, seeing your people, reading a room and capturing the little moments. I watch for the nuances, the eye contact, the hand holding and the way your friends love you. I feel those things deeply. As a wedding photographer, I would put myself under the banners of 'Photojournalism' 'Reportage' and 'Candid'.

 Show me the things you spent hours making or that your mum gave you. Tell me the surprises so I'm ready. Tell me all the things. They won't be missed. But please, also show me who your best friends are. Point out your special people. Introduce me to your grandad and your favourite niece. 

As much as possible, I do not direct photos on your wedding day. I appreciate that you don't want to have a camera in your face every second of the day. I know it's very likely that at least one of you probably hates to have your photo taken and I'm sensitive to that.

This all works better if we have a little chat before the day and are on the same page and trust each other. 

I would describe my images as natural, honest and real. I edit every photo myself but I do not heavily retouch or change the way things look. My favourite photos tell a story; they are emotive, true and reflect the mood, feel and atmosphere of your wedding as much as what it looked like. My editing style is influenced by my love of photojournalism. I love classic black and white film imagery and I feel this is reflected in my work. When it comes to colour edits, I try to stay as true to the real colours of your day as possible. I do this intentionally with the hope your images will stand the test of time and not look trendy, dated or too stylistic in years to come. I want them to look like they came from your wedding, not from my 'portfolio'. 

That is to say that I'm not a 'light and airy' or 'Fine Art' photographer. They have innate ability to make everything perfectly pretty and consistently delicate looking. If you know that's what you want then I recommend: White Stag Weddings or Emma Pilkington

I encourage you to research photography styles and different photographers out there in your budget. For most people, this will be the biggest investment they make in photography in their life, go with your gut and what you find beautiful. If that's me, then I'm so pleased and honoured to be chosen. Let's talk and get to know each other. If you're still deciding and have any questions or you'd like recommendations, please just message me. I won't be offended in the slightest if you message about other styles. I belong to some incredible networks of photographers and I am happy to pass on work to good people.


If you want to guarantee that you get lovely photos of just the two of you together, then we need to go off for a little while. I promise it won't be for ages. I actually prefer to take you for five minutes here, and five minutes there so no one realises you've been gone ages. It also means you get a selection of photos throughout the day. For example, I might borrow you before you move between two locations when everyone else is jumping in cars anyway, or for five minutes between courses if the light outside is doing something special.

 I scout out a couple of spots first and wait for the best time of day so we don't waste any moments. I won't make you do this but I do strongly suggest we do.  At every wedding I have been to, as a photographer and as a guest, I have seen that the two people getting married generally spend very little time together, apart from when they are eating. You are both hosting and so even though I try to take photos as candidly and unobtrisively as possibly, it is sometimes very hard to get photos of the two of you together unless we go off for a little while. These little moments are 'your' moments. Touch base. Kiss. Have a laugh. Get some photos.

Some people really don't want to do this and I get it. I won't make you. It's your day.  



Although I have so far in my career only shot weddings for straight couples and so, can only show that imagery: I would like to explicitly state that I believe that love is love and happily accept enquiries from everyone. 




  • Full day coverage from the morning to the first dance (Or around that time, if you're not having an official first dance) 
  • 250+ high res images, edited in my signature style 
  • Online gallery to show friends and family
  • USB with the high res images to keep 
  • Personal License to print and share the images for personal use

2019/20 weddings: £1600

Travel within three hours of Leigh-on-Sea is included

or weddings further afield and abroad, get in touch, to discuss travel and accommodation costs. I am very happy to travel and book things well in advance to save money once a contract is signed.